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Kelk 2010: the Be-all and End-all for Arabic Calligrapher

After hunting high and low for hacked version of Kelk 2007, and fail, I finally run the 2010 version of the software to the earth. It has every possible characteristic which Kelk 2007 possesses, and more, it includes more khaths that the previous versions. (more..)

7 November 2010 at 06:41 - Comments

Various Ways to Excerpt Quranic Verse into Your Text

There is common interconnection between composing arabic script with excerpting quranic verses in it since the Quran is the most prominent source of arabic grammatical rules and that most arabic speaking countries are ones that embrace islam as their official religion. And Islam, as we already know, has the Quran as its Holy Book.

Methods and techniques to help the excerption of quranic verses into arabic composition, especially one which is composed by using computer, to be more efficient has been developed by many individuals and parties since the beginning of arabic integration into computer science. As the need of enabling arabic interface within computer operation grows, the need of simplifying the excerption of quranic verses becomes more necessary.

This article focuses on explaining various ways that you can apply to excerpt quranic verses into your writing. (more..)

7 November 2010 at 06:40 - Comments

Kelk 2000: the Awesome Arabic Calligraphy Maker

Within the latest decade, Kelk with all of its variants has been the most powerful tools for creating awesome Arabic text art known as calligraphy. The text art which is created using this tool almost imitates those creative handwork of calligraphy masters.

In this series of article, you will find descriptive yet concise explanation about Kelk and all of its variants, how to use it, where can you get it, and tips on managing its bugs. (more..)

7 November 2010 at 06:37 - Comments

Setting Up Arabic Support on Windows

Most Arabic softwares need an operating system which supports arabic interface to run properly. Operating system such as Windows XP doesn’t enable this support automatically. We’ll have to configure it manually, either during Windows installation, or after it has been installed. To set up this support, you’ll need to follow the following steps: (more..)

7 November 2010 at 06:34 - Comments

Appliances for Writing in Arabic

Things you should provide when you want to compose articles in Arabic:

  • An operating system with Arabic enabled interface. For those who use Windows XP, these steps will guide you to how to enable the service. For Windows Vista or 7, go here.
  • A word processor convenient enough for writing Arabic. For me, I prefer using Microsoft Word. Having MUI packs is preferred. It is free for Ms Office 2003, and commercial for 2007 or 2010.
  • Dictionaries, preferably the digital ones. You can spend more time for writing your text than ruining your book shelves. Lingvosoft and Hans Wehr dictionaries are among preferred dictionary I usually use.
  • This is optional, but if you are one who thinks that every second is money, then provide a translator. Al-Wafi will be a great choice.

To enrich aesthetical environment of your text, I suggest that you have these stuffs:

  • Kelk, the awesome Arabic calligraphy maker
  • Mushaf al-Madina an-Nabawiya, with which you can excerpt Qur’anic verses quickly and beautifully.
  • M. Taufiq’s Qur’an in Word, for your Qur’anic excerption and translation.
2 November 2010 at 03:08 - Comments